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ไปเจอมาจากคนใน Exteen นี่แหล่ะ ขอ Copy เอามาพักไว้หน่อยนะงับ แล้วจะค่อยๆ อ่าน เป็นพวก CSI จากรายการแต่งงานคู่ joongbo อ่านแล้วสนุกดีแบบมี moment แบบที่เราไม่ได้สังเกตแต่คนอื่นคิดกันอะไรแบบนี้ เป็น spazzes โดย คุณ infinityx ^_^  ขอขอบคุณ คุณ Orange in my mind  ด้วยงับ ^^

Capping all those 800+ pages of spazzes, allow me to summarize everything that happened:

1. First few pages: Had they had not been so ENCHANTINGLY AWKWARD, they wont have made us crazy at first sight.
2. At 500th page: THE KISS. 600th page: THE Everland. 800th: HJ's BOMBSHELL INTERVIEWS. Things are getting better post WGM, arent they?
3. And somewhere along those hundred pages:
> Their orange mismatching socks, their matching headband post WGM---- didnt I tell you things are FISHY??
> COINCIDENCES. HB's clothes at BOF. Come on, The Weed doesnt wear those kind of cute Doraemon clothes!! She wears DOC MARTENS! COMBAT BOOTS! WITH LONG HAIR!!!! (GHS's hair makes her LOOK OLD! She was better with longer hair...)


Outdoor swimming pool ep15

1. HB puts on plaster for HJ, SIY asked HB whether she is taking care of a child and HB replied yes. In the blackroom interview, HJ says buin's nickname is General and she can certainly win the witch.

Moving house ep16 n 17

2. On the moving truck, HJ took out his camera and showed HB photos of him in Thailand.

3. In the apartment, HJ mentioned again that he lost his handphone in Thailand and so buin's number is gone too. He asked for her number again and HB was very happy.

4. When HJ was putting the love contract under the glass panel, HB was worried he will break the glass and hurt himself because he was holding the glass recklessly.

5. After giving HJ the scarf, in the blackroom interview, HB said that she stayed up the whole night to finish the scarf because it was a promise between them. She is someone who keeps promises, so her friends dun make promises with her easily. (in the 10years since she debuted, she has never let her manager wait before, instead she is always ready 15min beforehand)

6. Everyone thought that HJ did not have time to practice the piano, but actually he did hire a piano teacher. However, he only had time for one lesson before he left for Thailand.

7. While playing 'bogoshipda' HJ stops halfway and says that although it has more feeling now, he shouldnt play with a moustache, he should use a clean/pure attitude to play the piano. He heads to the washroom and used a razor to shave off his moustache, returns and play the piano again.

8. HJ says maybe he should try playing 'bogoshipda' on guitar the next time. (?? not sure)

9. After HJ finish singing the incomplete 'dahaengyida' HB says its time to clean the house. HJ who feels guilty starts tagging behind her like a little puppy. He says sorry and he will sing for her again tonight. He then points to the sketch of himself given by fans and says "How can you be like that, hyun joong!" and HB bursts out laughing.

10. When pumping the float, HB speed was too slow. HJ snatched the air pump over and says "Can we finish this by donkey years?" and starts to pump at a surprisingly fast speed. In the end he got tired and says "Didn't I say that one must always have an eager and enthusiastic mindset? I now eagerly think that we do not need this at all!"

11. HJ lost his handphone so HB makes a handphone strap and pouch with white feathers on it for him. (can be seen in the blackroom interview and japan episode)
[guess this answers the question we all had in mind, HB did make the handphone strap for HJ]

Japan ep19

12. In Japan, HJ and HB went to a cd shop. HB heads straight away to the section selling SS501 cds and starts to choose. She asks HJ for opinion on which to buy. He recommended one to her saying that even he himself doesn’t have it yet. (the cd can be seen later in the recording room when HB was packing)

Holiday with Alshin couple ep20 and 21

13. In one of the first few scenes, after HJ said that HB is like a stranger. He continued on saying "After coming back from Japan, the feeling of being a 'married couple' seems to be missing/lacking/less again." and she replied saying she went (to Japan) because she was alone by herself in an empty room. HJ says that he will be very uncomfortable when Alshin couple comes, the most he can say is "Hi, alex hyung!" and HB replys "Don't you think you should try to get close to me first?" HJ says there will be a chance (to get close) after alshin couple arrives.
[maybe thats why in one of the fancams they weren’t talking to each other before they start shooting]

14. On the fishing boat, HB fell once and after that HJ stayed by her side for the whole time to protect her.

15. After returning to their hotel room, HJ and Alex prepared dinner. HJ made spicy rice cakes and Alex was shocked at the way HJ randomly/impulsively adds salt and stir the rice cakes. But it turned out surprisingly good!

16. On the beach, HJ asked HB to throw away the garbage. On the way back, HB went to buy drinks but she doesn’t know what HJ likes, so she bought a drink that is good for health. HJ says he likes apple flavored.
[ahhh I remembered in one of the idol world ep HJ wants apple flavored drink too]

Wedding photoshoot ep22 and 23

17. HB got a shock when she saw HJ carrying her wedding dress train.

18. After bobo scene, everyone in the studio asked whether HJ really kissed. HB said no HJ said yes. Conclusion is yes HJ's lips did touch.

19. While eating with boram, boram says that HB is different when she is in front of HJ and when with her friends. HJ asks her what buin is like in front of friends.. (forgot boram's reply)

20. In blackroom interview, HJ says that after this wedding photoshoot, he feels that the distance between them has become much smaller and they are closer to each other now. From now on, he realizes that he needs to step up and do something (for this marriage, for buin). HJ hopes that HB will stop thinking about her being 29 and him being 23. He does not want to be awkward anymore, he hopes their relationship can be practical/realistic. HJ also says "I don't think of her as being older then me or a noona anymore, in fact, our age gap is getting smaller and smaller."
[I would <333 to watch this scene, but well I guess they were worried about the reaction of fans since the part HJ says he kissed HB because he likes her had already stirred up news]

Chuseok Special ep25

21. According to fans at the recording, joongbo were talking a lot right from the beginning, but halfway through, they stopped talking.
[nervous about the pepero game?? lol]

22. HJ said that the guitar part for their 'Get Hot' performance was recorded by himself the day before.

23. During pepero game, joongbo failed for the first two times because HB kept leaning back due to laughing. HJ told HB to close her eyes and succeeded. At that moment, Crown J, who was behind, says "Ah~ they touched!"

24. After both of them won the wrestling, the two of them held hands and jumped around happily and even group-hugged together with Kim Gura (their supporter).

Farm ep24 and 26

25. On the way to the farm while HJ was driving, the voice from the GPS navigator was a woman’s voice. He kept on expressing his dissatisfaction, saying "This woman is talking in a commanding tone, I don’t like it!" HB was surprised and asked if the way she usually talks is in commanding tone. HJ replied no and so its good and he likes that. HB laughs happily.

26. HB’s turn to be driving and HJ was munching on a walnut cookie. He says "This is not a walnut cookie! There is no walnut in here!!" Then he adjusted his seat backwards and says he is going to take a nap. His neck was tangled by the seat belt and he says "Ahhhhh~ someone might be choked to death by this seat belt, this can also be a killer weapon!"
[he’s really so whiny in this episode lol]

27. HJ was driving and when he saw the toll gate, HJ says "Yeobo~ money!" and HB replies "Haha, you called me yeobo~!" and then laughs it off with no surprised look or reaction. (at that moment everyone in the recording studio became quiet lol)
[I would <33333 to watch this scene even more!! I think everyone in the studio stopped breathing hahaha]

28. While chatting about the farm with HB, HJ imagines if the villagers will welcome them by saying "Welcome to xxx (name of the place)!" Then he started singing her new song 'Get Hot'. HB was enthralled by him as he started to imitate her dance moves. She falls down laughing. The happy HJ starts to sing again. This time during the 'dala dala dda~' part, he used his hand to hit his own neck to make his voice shake (for the techtonic effect lol). HB was extremely happy.
[so he’s been tracking and practicing her dance even before the chuseok ep hehehe]

29. HB saw cosmo flowers (?) and starts to sing a song (something that goes co-s-mo~~~). HJ asked her in a serious tone why she is singing that kind of song. Then he starts singing a children song! (something that goes like 'just like the snow~ white white candy floss~ hold mummy’s hand~ play and eat candy floss~' stressing on the word can-dy-flo-ss~~~) HJ says that this song is really easy for kids to sing.

30. In the blackroom interview, HB says that something about HJ's eyes (the way he looks at her, the expressions in his eyes, the look he gives) seem to have changed.
[YES and we all know that too!! and its time u realise it too!!]

Ssangchu Olympics ep27 and 28

31. On the bench after the marathon, HJ wanted to remove his own plasters on his fingers for HB's injured leg. But realizing that there might be bacteria, he says what a pity.

32. After the phone call incident, HJ was very taken aback that HB was pissed and so he kept on eyeing her carefully and tried to do everything she was doing. For example, when HB was drinking water, HJ said "Buin, I want water too!" and when HB was eating a banana, HJ said "'If you're going to eat a banana, peel one for me!" HJ then said that he is the one who pays the rent and then HB replied that the house was rented in her name so HJ responded "Then I guess all I have to do is leave!" and jokingly pretends to be angry and leave the house. HB was shocked and asked "Did he really leave?"
[I guess that is when he goes to the convenience store and that is why both of them had those cute smiles on their faces when he returned to the house]

32. There was also a scene where HB was putting on socks/stockings and kept asking HJ if it looked sexy.

33. The atmosphere in the studio was apparently not that great (with Anbi's departure and I guess some of the couples were not very happy with the 'goodbye trip' mission) and the PDs told the couples not to talk to each other so that they would not know how each other had 'voted' so HB and HJ did not talk much.
[I think HB thought that HJ will say sorry because he kept mentioning 'last' in his blackroom interviews, also she kept turning her head to the side so that her hair will block and avoid any eye contact between them]

Theme park ep31 and 32

34. In the first blackroom interview, HJ says autumn is here, people will become melancholic and it is also a season that will cause rifts between couples. Thus, he wants to enjoy and have fun at the theme park, and when they return to the house, they can talk about the happy times they had at the park. HB says she feels happy just seeing him so happy and at the same time feels ah~ he's just like a kid.

35. At the smoothie stall, HB lost the scissors-paper-stone bet. She asked HJ what flavor he wants and he said he wants a mixture of all four flavors. Then HB said "I want… Grape!" and at the same time HJ said "Grape!" Their expressions and reactions of disbelief at that moment was the same as when they chose the same favorite wedding dress during the wedding photoshoot. HB shouted out "zzi zzi bbong!" and HJ located objects in red-orange-yellow-lime-green-blue-purple quickly. ('zzi zzi bbong' is kind of like a game, when two person happens to say the same thing at the same time, when one person shouts “zzi zzi bbong” the other person has to quickly find objects with the seven colors. Both are still childish in their hearts!)

36. HB hurries HJ to run and join the queue for the roller coaster, but he says to slow down and take their time as he has already made reservations for the queue. HB tells him that he is getting better and better at 'talking big'.

37. After HJ did the forfeit wave and ran away, HB went over and passed him the camera. He watched the clip and says "What is this, you recorded…!" Both were very happy.

38. At the ice cream stall, both of them wanted to eat different things so HB said to each buy on their own. HJ says he did not bring any money and insisted that HB buys it for him. HB does not believe him and he dug his own pockets saying he only has his hanphone. HB dug his pockets to confirm it herself!

39. When buying the ice cream, HJ asked the vendor to give him a rainbow ball (something like a rubber ball??). He smiled brightly at the vendor, HB saw that and makes the 'want-to-faint' motion. The vendor gives him one and HJ says "Oh, your hands are shaking, do you have shaky hand syndrome? Looks like you drink a lot~"
[I can so imagine that bright smile of him lol]

40. While eating, HJ says that in future when he has earned enough money, he wants to rent something like that to play (referring to the equipments in the theme park). HB says she has also thought of that before, but this type of thing can only happen in dramas. HJ says "No, it's possible, I've rented the carousel for you… for one hour~"

41. Before ending the call with kyujong, HB told HJ to ask kyujong what he would like for dinner: korean, western or chinese food. He replied korean.

42. While eating, HB asks "Why do you always want to win me, what do you want after you win?" HJ replies he will then have to find a stronger woman. HB is upset and says she wants to cancel tonight's invitation (with the youngmasters). HJ has no intention of comforting her, instead, starts to call kyujong for real to cancel the dinner. HB says "What is this…" and just let the matter rest.

43. In the blackroom interview, HB says "This burning competitive streak we have is for each other's good. If I do not have it (competitive streak) shillang will find it meaningless. I want to let him have the feeling of being number one."

44. HJ says "Later when we go to the safari, there'll be lions and bears. If you feed the bears bread, they will stand up to eat the bread." HB says that whatever HJ says, it seems to be lies/fake and then laughs out loud. HJ replies seriously "How come my image is like that in buin's eyes? Talking big ah, liar ah…"

Blind date ep34

45. During the truth/drink cola game, HB lost again and ye eun asked whether she has been jealous (over HJ) before. HB answers yes, when he looks at other women. So ye eun asks HJ why he looks at other women. He replies that he isn't really thinking much about anything, sometimes he just looks when he feels that the girl is weird. But now, buin is the only one he sees as a woman. HB is happy.

46. For the final couple selection, if the pairing is successful they celebrate, if the pairing fails, they are supposed to shout "wa~~wa~~wa~~" In the end, the pairing was successful but HJ made a mistake and shouted "wa~~wa~~wa~~" causing HB to panic and immediately correct him and congratulate them. When youngmasters and WGs are leaving, HB told them to exchange phone numbers.

Pusan ep35

47. In the car, HJ says that HB must be the first to perform. HB says SNSD is first and he replies "Ah~ I will take care of it!"

48. HB returns after her performance, HJ went to the door to welcome her back, help to place her bag on the floor and went to get a drink for her immediately. She talks to Jins "You got hit by someone right?!" and HJ replies that he did not (hit Jins). She starts to say something to HJ "YA! …" and he looks at her. HB stops and says "No, I’m sorry!" and HJ asks why she keeps calling him YA. (the way he ask is not an angry tone, so he is not angry) (maybe calling husband YA is a bit disrespectful??)
[same as what happened at the theme park while they were eating, is it really not nice to call someone YA?]

49. While strolling on the beach, Jins pooped. HJ says "Buin! You only pooped this little but you still used so much strength." After that he kept holding on to Jins's poop in the beach scene. HJ used his butt to write buin’s name, but not sure whether it is HB or hyejung.
[im a bit skeptical about the butt thing]

50. After giving Jins a shower, HJ plucks in the hairdryer and pretended to be electrocuted. HB got a shock.

Winter date ep36

51. At the clinic on the sofa, HB helped HJ to remove his eye discharge (eye sh*t) very naturally. HJ responded naturally as well like it’s a normal thing.

52. When HJ went to take ice skate shoes, HB shouts out her body measurements and then her shoe size. HJ mistook two right skates for her. Both volunteered to exchange it, in the end HB went on her own.

53. In the blackroom interview, HJ was asked why he did not help HB up when she fell down during skating. He says he did want to help her up but she always tried to make him fall as well. Thus, he concludes that it is better not to get close to her. He plans to help her only when it is really dangerous, but she seems to be doing fine on her own and nothing serious happened.

54. HB suggested betting again with the rest of the sour candy. HJ rejected the idea at first and told buin to go to the club and eat them with her friends there. (and he repeats that sentence twice.. jealous?? lol)

Ssangchu's farewell ep36 and 37

55. Basically nothing (scene) was cut, the bbq scene was not shown at all. Final blackroom interview of HJ, he says that he does not care whether people call him ssangchu or KHJ, he just hope that people will not scold him. He likes all the viewers, so he hopes everyone likes him too and then he ends with the "Saranghaeyo~"
[hmm im really skeptical about this since by then there was no studio recording for wgm anymore, so where did they watch this from?? unless they had a farewell screening specially for ssangchu fans]


credit : snolaxy84

>TOO MANY SECRETS. The SECRET SWATCH RINGS. The NOT SO SECRET GLANCES of the yellowhaired boy at the Wondergirls episode. "Do you know why eye contact is important?? We can't even look at each other in the eye!", Hwangbo exclaimed. Hearing that, KHJ instantly looked at her eyes...
> ARE THEY OR NOT??? the handholding before "ACTION!" started.
> QUESTIONS and MORE QUESTIONS. "Even if she can't cook like Hwangbo, as long as she's understanding..." It's GAME OVER, KHJ! Why must you put her name right after the "ideal girl" question? You instantly thought of her!!
> I'M REAL. HB getting REAL with us the audience: "I cant help but look at him as a man. WHAT SHOULD I DO??" The onion soup episode. Her respect for KHJ's fans. The Awww. I love you, unnie!!
> FALLING SLOWLY. KHJ's evil stare at Solbi when she protested, "What are the they (poll answerers thinking)?" HB emerged as the number one girl to go out with in a summer trip. His nagging. The Serenade. The Heart Dance. The Kiss. The Jealous Moments.
> YOURE THE FIRST AND THE LAST. "You are the first girl I went to the mountain with . Youre the first girl I had a weird date with. Youre the first girl I went to Everland with. The first girl I went to the beach with. You're the first girl, and hopefully the last".  I can imagine him thinking that way. Irreplaceable, arent you now, unnie??
> LET FATE DECIDE THEIR COURSE: The Horse episode... The Bridge not turning off when they said, "Let's go our own way when the bridges turn off"...The mission envelope falling (it's not a bad premonition, really!! It means the fake relationship is now over, so it's time to get real!).

credit to  infinityx @ soompi


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